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Good news for 2014! Recent studies carried out on Mortgage Credits concluded that the interest rates for the acquisition of a home will remain stable during this year. In other words, it is a good time to buy a property because the fixed interest rate tends to be low, from 4.40% onwards.

According to financial specialists, the market is solid and better projections are seen in the world economy. The trend for 2014 is that the same interest rates are maintained as last year: the fixed rates offered by the bank are between 4.40% and 6%, while the managing agents range from 4.7% and 5.05% and the Compensatory Savings Banks offer rates between 4.9% and 5.4%. Regarding the variable or mixed 2014 mortgage credit rates, banks grant alternatives of between 4% and 5.60%.


The key: quote the mortgage credit in various entities

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There is a difference of 35% between the lowest and highest rate offered by different financial entities. This means that, before choosing a mortgage, it is convenient to Simulate and Quote. Also evaluate the value of insurance and the final payment to make the best decision.


Do you have a subsidy?

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If you want to buy your home complementing it with a earned subsidy, you can do it. To do this, you will have to approach an authorized bank to grant you said credit. You just have to remember that the property acquired with a mortgage credit together with a subsidy cannot exceed USD 2000.


Do you want to leave a property as part of payment?

Do you want to leave a property as part of payment?

If you have a property and want to use it as part of payment, you can also do it, that is, you can complement the value obtained from the 2014 mortgage credit rates to finance the difference in the home you want to buy.

As you can see, this year promises good alternatives for acquiring a home. It is that beyond the rumors of a possible real estate bubble, the truth is that the market is really strong. Thus, the important thing is that you know how to get the most benefit from each of the offers available in order to pay the lowest and most convenient price according to your credit.

Remember that in Lite Lenders you can simulate your Mortgage Credit for free. Save time, money and make a smart purchase of your home financing.

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