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Across lender is a registered trademark based in Spain, which puts its online loan search platform at your fingertips to help you find the best financing alternative. Therefore, they are not a credit institution, but a loan broker that, through the use of their automated search system based on your profile, will help you find different options at your fingertips, depending on the amount and term you select, regardless that you are in Financial Credit Institutions.

Whether they are mini-credits or personal loans, you will have different alternatives from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000, although if this is your first request, the maximum amount is limited to $ 1,000.

How Across lender Works

How Across lender Works

To be able to access this loan browser, you need to register on its website with your personal and contact information. Next, in order to verify your identity through your bank card, a charge of $ 0.10 will be made to your account, for this they use secure verification platforms throughout the process.

Using Across lender services has a one -time subscription fee of $ 39.90, but you can try it for 7 days for free and without obligation.

Once registered, from the customer area, you can request a credit with immediate response in the direct credit option, where you will fill out a single form that will be sent to the financial companies adapted to your profile. In this alternative, you can request from $ 50 to $ 1,000 to be returned up to 30 days free, or in installments of up to 6 months. Across lender will show you the entity or entities in which you are most likely to get the loan, if you accept any of them you will access their website to accept the conditions. Normally you will have the money in your account in 15 minutes.

If you need a loan of up to $ 10,000 to repay in up to 84 months or you just need to make a comparison of the current offer, you have the option of comparator, where you are presented with the possible financial information together with a summary (loan amount, cost, terms, fees, availability of money in your account and conditions) and you choose the lender with which to fill out the application.

In no case does Across lender grant loans, so it is important to know the conditions of each lender, as well as their return policy before signing the contract.
In case of having any incidence with the return of the loan, you should contact the entity with which you made the acceptance as soon as possible.

Across lender for leaving Financial Credit Institutions

Across lender for leaving Financial Credit Institutions

To help you out of the default file in which you are, Across lender also has financial services legal advice with which you can contact to study your case.

Registered users of Across lender who do not know their credit history will have the right to access up to 3 queries a year to the delinquency files.

Keep in mind that with a good credit history, the chances of obtaining a loan will increase.



Across lender is shown as a financial legal adviser that includes the comparisons of loans based on your profile and the consultation of delinquency files, all necessary for the search for a loan that you can easily manage from your client area.

In addition, soon they will have a service for claiming undue interest for registered users, something very interesting.

Unlike other loan brokers, for mini-credits, it allows you with a single form to know how financially your application has been accepted, which makes searching much easier and more when you are included in Financial Credit Institutions.

Keep in mind that the services that Across lender offers to its users require the payment of the subscription fee, therefore, before deciding to hire, study if you need it and try it during the 7 free days.

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